Award Recipients

Classification of Award Name Position/Affiliation/Title
~Lifetime Contribution Award Ai Sekizawa Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Bogdan Dlugogorski Professor, Murdoch University
~Best Paper Award Changkun Chen,
Huang Xiao,
Shi Congling,
Chen Jie,
Zhao Xiaolong,
Zhu Congxiang
Experiment on effects of sealing rate on fire behaviors in sealing tactics against tunnel fire
Yu Wang The breakage behavior of different types of glazing in a fire
Wai Cheong Tama,
Walter W. Yuen
Assessment of Radiation Solvers for Fire Simulation Models Using RADNNET-ZM
Dennis Pau,, Christine Duncan,
Charles Fleischmann
Fire Protection and Fire Safety Design of New Zealand Heritage Building
Kosuke Fujii,
Masayuki Mizuno,
Hiroyuki Kadokura, Tomonori Sano,
Ai Sekizawa
Influence of congestion in upper floor on pedestrian flow in staircase based on observational survey of evacuation drill in a high-rise building
Ti-Sheng Huang,
Nobuyoshi Kawabata,
Miho Seike,
Masato Hasegawa,
Futoshi Tanaka,
Shen-Wen Chieng,
Tzu-Sheng Shen
Model-Scale Fire Experiments and Simulations of a Tunnel with Point Extraction Ventilation
~Best Poster Award Toshinari Tanaka,
Masayuki Mizumo
Analysis on Crowd Evacuation Behavior under the Consideration of Communication between Evacuees In case of Underground Mall Fire
Kong Depeng,
He Xu,
Ping Ping
Experimental Study for Flame Characteristics of Crude Oil Pool Fire on Open Water Under Cross Air Flows
Lei Chen,
Fei Tang,
Manhou Li,
Longhua Hu
Longitudinal Temperature Decay Characteristics Beneath the Ceiling Induced by Strong and Weak Fire Plumes in Longitudinally Ventilated Tunnel
Pei Chen Hsieh,
Jing Li
Study on Fatal Fire by using FDS Simulation Adopted as Verifications on Identification of Origin and Cause in Fire Investigation